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William Leistner carries over 170 different horse grooming brushes. Although we do not stock all of them, we can special order them for you.

These include their horse grooming brushes with enhanced, leather straps, like the SWAROVSKI® enhanced straps, crocodile embossed straps, personalized, embossed straps, and adjustable straps with velcro closures. Most of the Leistner brushes can be customized with the enhanced straps.

There are also many other stock brushes that Leistner offers that can also be special ordered. For more information on what is available, you can visit their website to view the various brushes at Leistner's website.

Please contact us for pricing at toi@teddystacktrunk.com. Payment on these items is due at the time of the initial order and delivery takes approximately 2-3 months.

If special ordering with in-stock items, everything will be shipped together (5-6 weeks). If you would like in-stock items shipped immediately and the special order brushes shipped when they arrive, there will be an additional $3.99 shipping charge.