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The Queen brush remove the very last dust grain and creates a wonderful shine in the horse's coat.

Through the use of natural materials, the fur is also perfectly groomed, as these guarantee a moisturizing effect. Natural materials do not generate an electrostatic charge.
Environmentally friendly, water-lacquered beech wood base made from the Thuringian Forest. The high-quality leather strap is nailed by hand.

Size: 7.48 x 3.35 inches
Bristle length: 1.34 inches.

Made in Germany


William Leistner of Germany is a traditional family business founded in 1882 and is now in their fourth generation of high quality brush makers for animal care. For the past several decades, they have been specializing in producing horse grooming brushes.

The result is an extensive collection of products, including luxurious grooming brushes with 100% pure, all natural fibres and bristles, 100% pure goat and horse hair bristles and fine quality beech and pear wood bodies carefully processed from sustained, European forests. This guarantees the best cleaning results with gentle, skin-friendly care, as well as a high durability and longevity of their grooming brushes.


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