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Zephyr's Tea Tree Tonic (Anti Fungal )Shampoo

Zephyr's Garden

Zephyr's Tea Tree Tonic Shampoo (see the FYI below) contains Oregon Grape, White Willow, Calendula, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Aloe Vera to fight fungal and bacterial infections without over drying the skin and coat. Smells wonderful too! Our shampoos contain no artificial thickeners, scents, or colors.

Easy to use - wet one side of your horse, spray on shampoo, curry or scrub horse. Same for the other side, then rinse entire body. Due to the purity of Zephyr's Anti Fungal Shampoo, it rinses very quickly and completely. You can spray it on, or pour some in a bucket of water for use with a sponge. We prefer the spray as it's economical for overall body and perfect for spot cleaning. Leaves the coat glistening and super soft, no need for a conditioner.

16 oz

FYI: The Zephyr's Garden Anti-Fungal line has a new name. The product formerly called Anti Fungal Shampoo is now Tea Tree Tonic Shampoo. This is only a new name and the formula has not changed at all.


Zephyr's Garden products were inspired by horseowner and entrepeneur Georgette Topakas based on her desire to find a more natural way to care for Zephyr, her Belgian Warmblood. It started with a pasture layup for hoof ailments and her struggles trying to find natural products to meet Zephyr's needs. Zephyr, a show horse previously only housed in a stall, now had bug and horse bites, cuts, bruises and hooves in dire need of fast, healthy growth. From this list of ailments, Georgette researched herbs and created the initial line of Zephyr's Garden products. For two years, the products were tested and refined, resulting in their current array of all natural, herbal-based products.



Shipping Weight: 1.25 lbs
Applies to international orders only.


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