Teddy's Tack Trunk Leistner Brush Reviews

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Teddy's Tack Trunk has had some great reviews specifically on Leistner brushes, from bloggers in the horse world. These women (so far no men) love to seek out different horse related products to try and if they like it or dislike it enough, they just might do a review. The blogs are a source for all types of horse care, tack, and clothing reviews, as well as writings about experiences on riding, showing, training, breeding, horse health care, and anything else they may come up with. They are honest, funny, and informational and are worth following or at least pursuing around their sites.

Below are some of the blog reviews of Teddy's Tack Trunk and the Leistner brushes that we carry. Note the creative, fun names the bloggers have too! 

Call My Agent

The $900 Facebook Pony 
(search her site for other Leistner brush reviews and reviews on other products that Teddy's Tack Trunk carries)

Sprinkler Bandits

Confessions of a Dressage Barbie

The Graduated Equestrian

Patently Bay

The Printable Pony

Tailored Mane

Thanks to these bloggers for their support! 

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