Teddy the Haflinger - Best Friends

Toi Wall

Teddy is boarded at a local hunter/jumper farm and lives with a group of very nice ponies. They are known as the "little boys" and they all get along really well. Teddy is at the bottom of the herd because I think he just doesn't want to put much effort in to running around and sparring with the others. He's much more interested in grazing until he's sleepy and then sleeping until he's hungry. 

Of the seven other ponies in his pasture, Teddy is best friends with Buddy. Even though, when Teddy first came to this farm, Buddy picked on him relentlessly. He was the recipient of many bite marks, courtesy of Budders. But in the end, they became BFFs and I often find them doing things together. When I turn Teddy out to the pasture, he usually finds Buddy first and then they spend their time grazing together, drinking water together, and even sharing some salt.


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