Leistner Horse Grooming Brushes - Materials

Toi Wall

William Leistner uses a variety of materials when it comes to making their horse grooming brushes.

For example, they use 86 different wooden back designs made from carefully processed beech wood and pear wood from European forests which are sustainably managed.

In addition, they make 80 different (in type and length) bristles, hair and fiber materials. Their natural bristled brushes use the following types of materials:

pig bristles
wild boar bristles
goat hair
coco fiber
natural union mix fibers - made from palmyra plants
tampico (Mexican fibers) - made from agave plants

Below are some of the brushes that we carry at Teddy's Tack Trunk, including a detailed description of the materials used.

Many of the brushes also have vegetable tanned, leather strap handles and because they are hand nailed, they can be adjusted, if needed. Push a small screwdriver under the nail head and remove the nail with slight pressure. Or, take it to a leather shop and they would be able to do it, as well.

Natural Bristle "Grand Gilbert" Body Brush
Lacquered beech wood base, 100% horse hair bristles.

Natural Bristle "Country" Mud Brush
Natural, raw beech wood base, union fiber and tampico mixed fibers

Natural Bristle Luxurious Goat Hair Face Brush
Lacquered beech wood base, 100% goat hair bristles

Natural Bristle Dandy Dust (Flick) Brush
Lacquered beech wood base, natural tampico bristles

Natural Bristle "Fury" Body Brush
Lacquered pear wood base, 100% horse hair bristles

Our full line of Leistner Horse Grooming Brushes can be found here.

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