Teddy the Haflinger - End of Summer

Toi Wall

Fall is in the air, even though it's going to be in the mid-80's again this week. But it is nice and cool at night and Teddy is shedding his summer coat like crazy while at the same time, thickening up his winter coat. After being body clipped all summer, the feather on his legs are coming back nicely too.

I use a couple of different types of horse grooming curry combs on Teddy when he's shedding at the end of Summer. Because his coat  is shorter, these are different than those that I use in the Spring when his coat is about 2 inches long. The basic, rubber, flexible curry works really well to loosen the hair on his body. I also like the jelly scrubber to use on his legs because it is even more flexible and I want to be extra careful on them. This is followed up with the Leistner Dandy Flick brush and the Leistner Natural Bristle Haflinger brush to get the hair and dust off of him. This all takes a lot of elbow grease and is fun and relaxing, and with this great weather, I could do it all day everyday!


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