Teddy the Haflinger - Body Clipping Time!

Toi Wall

Just like a typical Haflinger, Teddy gets very fuzzy during the winter. He looks like a Teddy bear horse!

I prefer to not blanket him in the winter, but, he also sweats a lot, even after a short ride, and it takes a long time for him to dry. He lives out 24/7, so in the winter, I make sure he doesn't go out wet when it is cold. Although, I doubt he would mind because he likes the cold weather.

So, I did a modified Irish-type clip on his neck, chest and just past the girth area. These are the areas where he sweats the most so drying out in the winter was easy. You can see it below. This is right before I did a full body clip, and he had, at this point, already shed a ton of hair.

Teddy is very good for clipping. He is very quiet and calm, even when clipping his ears, face, and legs, which are the usual sensitive areas that I've experienced when clipping other horses. I also use quiet clippers, that are not as powerful as the big, noisy one's, but if the horse is clean and you keep the blades cool and oiled during the clipping process, they work great. Here they are, the Andis AGC Super 2 Speed clippers with the wider, T-84 blade. 

Here he is after his clipping. He is about 3 shades lighter and lost probably about 10 pounds of hair.

And the next day, he was ready for a ride.

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