Teddy the Haflinger - New Leather Halter

Toi Wall

Recently, I ran over Teddy's leather halter with my car and it got badly scuffed and the clip on the throat latch broke. I left it hanging on the passenger side mirror and the lead rope got caught under the tire when I drove off and almost took the mirror off. Anyway, the car was fine but the halter was not. So I went on a hunt for a new one.

I like padded halters and Teddy isn't turned out in one, so I wanted something nice. I've heard about the American leather makers, like Quillen, Danzig Bros., and Tack Shack of Ocala and decided to choose one of these. Each of these companies do handmade leather goods and have reputations for outstanding craftsmanship, as well as high quality.

After looking at each company's website, I decided to go with Danzig Bros. They had the nicest looking padded halters and the price was right. William Danzig is actually the person that I dealt with and when I first called him, he was at the Keeneland horse sale. But, he was happy to speak to me and after we discussed what I wanted, he asked me to email him so that he could send the halter measurements back. I could have gotten exact measurements and they would make it custom, but Teddy usually is fine in horse sized halters, so that's what I ordered. I also got the fixed chin and the brass nameplate. The leather color is black with burgundy padding and brass hardware. They also offer other leather colors, as well as nickel hardware. Danzig Bros. leather goods are also Amish made.

So, here is Teddy in his halter. I actually captured a very nice photo, and Mr. Danzig asked to use it on their website.

The final cost, with shipping, was $109. I think that is a very good price and I am very happy with the fit and quality.

Here's the link to their website:  www.danzigbros.com.  If you are planning on ordering from them, I would definitely email or call them first. Their website is a little confusing and the prices don't include shipping. A lot of their items are made to order, so in my case, it took about 3 weeks.

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