Cleaning Leistner Natural Grooming Brushes

Toi Wall

Our Leistner horse grooming brushes with natural bristles and fibres will not need to be washed often. Instead, while you groom your horse, use a rubber or metal curry to brush off the excess dirt and dust from your brushes about every 4-6 strokes on your horse.

If you do need to wash your brushes, add a drop of horse shampoo in a shallow pan of water. Then swish around your brushes, bristle down, in the water. Let them soak 10-15 minutes. Make sure that the water does not meet the handle of your brushes. Although some of them are lacquered, we have found that water can still get in to the wood if immersed. Repeat the same with clear, clean water. Dry your brushes thoroughly before using.

Goat hair brushes can be cleaned by sprinkling talcum powder on them and brushing it off with a curry comb. Be gentle with this brush, though, and do not scrub it too hard. 

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