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Defy The Fly Horse Leg Bands

Defy The Fly

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* Snap them on, bugs be gone!
* Aid in protection against biting insects and West Nile Virus
* Last up to 2 months
Snap them on! Bugs be gone! All-natural and non-harmful insect-repelling leg bands provide relief from pesky and disease-transmitting insects such as flies, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and gnats, for up to 2 months. Creates a broad-radiating repellent, protective shield several inches out from leg areas. Aids in protection against West Nile Virus. Contains safe, effective and plant-based, organic ingredients such as geraniol (nature's alternative to DEET), citronella and cedar oil. Identified as "minimum risk" by EPA. Suitable for horses turned out, in the stall or corral. Constructed of vinyl, cork insert and snaps; easily release to avoid hang-up injuries. Adjustable to fit 8-1/2" - 10" on canon bone at fetlock. "Non-attractant" light tan color. Not intended for full body coverage, but limited coverage around ears, face & neck, and around fetlock of horse's leg.




Shipping Weight: .25 lbs
Applies to international orders only.


Teddy's Tack Trunk offers high quality horse care and grooming supplies with a focus on natural products. We carry grooming brushes & tools, fly protection products, shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and wound treatments. Pamper your horse with the best in natural products at TTT!


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