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Each 16 oz. concentrated refill makes one 32 oz. bottle. Pour contents of refill into a 32 oz spray bottle and fill to top with water. Shake well before each use.

When applying Pure & Simple Original Summer Spray, spray liberally so entire coat is covered. Make sure to spray well on legs and underbelly.

Can be used on a wet or dry horse.
Can be sprayed directly onto fly sheets and all leg wraps.
When applying to the head, face and ears, spray onto soft cloth or brush and apply carefully.

Please use care when applying around muzzle and eyes.


16 oz

A blend of water, apple
cider vinegar, organic aloe vera,
wormwood, alcohol tinctures of
lavender, chamomile, calendula
& arnica, citronella oil, eucalyptus
oil, & pennyroyal oil.


Zephyr's Garden products were inspired by horseowner and entrepeneur Georgette Topakas based on her desire to find a more natural way to care for Zephyr, her Belgian Warmblood. It started with a pasture layup for hoof ailments and her struggles trying to find natural products to meet Zephyr's needs. Zephyr, a show horse previously only housed in a stall, now had bug and horse bites, cuts, bruises and hooves in dire need of fast, healthy growth. From this list of ailments, Georgette researched herbs and created the initial line of Zephyr's Garden products. For two years, the products were tested and refined, resulting in their current array of all natural, herbal-based products.



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